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Choosing the right toys for children


Consider your child’s developmental stage

• Children benefit the most from toys that are suitable for their developmental stage. That’s when play can contribute significantly to their growth and learning.


Take note of your child’s interests

• Does your child love outdoor play? Do they love playing in the bath? Are they crafty? Do they like building? Or do they enjoy imaginative play? Buying toys that encourage your child’s interests means they are more likely to be engaged in play and learning.


Choose a variety of toys

• Children benefit from a variety of toys. Toys can encourage physical, creative, emotional, cognitive and social skills. When children play with a variety of toys they develop all of these skills.


Try toys that get children away from screens

• We know that this generation of kids is more screen savvy than ever. But too much screen time can be detrimental to a child’s development. That’s why it’s a good idea for kids to also play with toys that stretch their imagination and encourage more physical forms of play.


Make sure toys are safe

• Safety is important when buying toys for kids. Toys that are well-made and age appropriate offer children the best developmental opportunities, and ensure parents and carers can enjoy peace of mind.